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Welcome to the EosinBits homepage!
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0x0001	About
		EosinBits is a small group of coders, mathematicians, chemistries and
		physicians - generally interested in science.
		You can find us on twitter and github.
		char* members[] = {"Ps0ke", "Ro0mquy", "chayl" "Araxegon"};

0x0010	Projects
		TTR				Commandline remake of the game "TapTap Revenge" for
						iOS. Very creepy.
		27c3codegolf	Participating in 27c3 code golf contest.
		w0rdfire		Having fun with windows school networks.
		ILC				Participating in Intel Leibniz Challenge.
0x0011	Blog
		puts("Work in progress!");
0x0100	Powered by
		Andreas Ganzer "Praktisches Programmieren in C", DropBox, Pelles C,
		git scm, Skype, SubEthaEdit, Parallels Desktop, Adobe Photoshop,
		Etherpad, Google Wave,, f.lux
0x0101	Inspiration
		TheHackersChoice, hukl, erdgeist, SemperVideo, Oreo, GraphJam, xkcd,
		The Sexinvaders, MEZ Voices, CCC, fefe, Blumentopf, Assassin's Creed, Portal
0x0111	Memes
		You can checkout our insider jokes and memes here.